“We want to share our discoveries with everyone.”

EarthCode use audio and visual recording, photography and extensive note taking to capture our discoveries. After extended discussion and collaboration, impartial and truthful observations are made.

Once these processes have been formulated and combined, articles are written, stories created, and pages with visual and audio galleries’ posted. To further express our findings, we are developing partnerships with positive parties and affiliated bodies interested in involving themselves in the future of our project.

EarthCode is currently on the road collecting and research its articles.  We look forward to publishing them soon.

Please come back and check for updates!

‘Fazenda Flor Do Cafe’ Bio-dynamic farming

‘Abracadabra’, The magic of Cocoa

‘Eco-Village Piracanga’, One Step Closer To Paradise

Aldeia ‘Tenonde Pora’, The Cultivation of Cuture

‘Parque Do Gato’, Recycling in Sao Paulo City


‘Treating grey water with Bananas!’