Who we Are?

Who we Are?

“The founders of EarthCode are a pair of like-minded, Generation Y born, adventurers.”

Henny Freitas and Kali de Vaux conceived the idea of creating EarthCode directly after living on a self-sufficient nature refuge in an isolated jungle region of Far North Queensland, Australia.

During those hot summer months of 2008/9 they re-questioned their own contributions to the philosophical concepts of existence on Earth. Born from this questioning was a dream to be surrounded by conscious people who were able to leave a positive footprint on Earth.

Kali, an Australian, with a musical and engineering foundation, fused with Henny, a Brazilian, versed in journalism and permaculture, create the heart of this project.

They make the foundation of this dream become a reality by travelling and documenting their experiences across the globe, wherever they find themselves.

Coming from different backgrounds they are together inquisitive and passionate, bringing varied assets to be implemented within EarthCode.