Life on Earth

Life on Earth

“In order to become EarthCode, we began questioning ourselves about the impacts humans have had whilst living on this planet.”

For thousands of years BC, there have been people living sustainably on the Earth. Whether out of necessity or ethics, there have been numerous civilizations that have proved this possible.

However, the Earth suffered during the 1800s with the onset of the Industrial Revolution. Even though humans have benefited from the technological advances, they are still paying a price with their living conditions through the degradation of the world’s natural resources.

Each of the generations that followed this revolution has had their diverse philosophies to the ethical concepts of right and wrong, generating positive and negative impacts on the world. They all shared an import feature: they imprinted a mark and had an effect that will continue reflecting itself in generations to come.

The second to last generation, those of us born between 1980 and 2000, have been called ‘Millennials’ or the ‘Generation Y’. This birth-group is still deciding which legacy will be left on Earth, and has the opportunity to create its future.

This large generation, spread all over the world, is described as being an optimistic and realistic community, interactive, investigative and dependent on digital technology. In consequence to these attributes, this generation started questioning modern life, and began rewriting the rules and speaking them out loud.

But they approached aspects concerning social values with such haste that they have allowed important traditional communications to be forgotten.

EarthCode Generation’

“Global awareness and knowledge of intentional living is now equally available to all living generations.”

It is time we review our preconceived concepts of living, as individuals and communities alike, to recreate a sustainable lifestyle model to leave a positive legacy on Earth for the upcoming generations to prosper amongst.

EarthCode is born from this generation. We must reinforce the integral concept of harmony between ecology, culture, economy, education, medicine, agriculture and spirituality.

The ‘EarthCode Generation’ has already been born! Its members are formed by the present generation, known as ‘iGeneration’, us, of EarthCode, and you from the generation you belong to.

Together we will leave a sustainable legacy on the Earth – a new code for life.

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