About EarthCode

About EarthCode

“EarthCode is a contributor to the global awareness of intentional sustainable living.”

EarthCode is a portal of information that hosts the findings of adventurers in search of an intentionally sustainable future.

By documenting the experiences whilst visiting or residing in settlements, eco-villages and communities, EarthCode’s discoveries report on sustainable aspects of life, be it for intentional or survival reasons.

It also documents on the efforts of individuals that contribute to the global awareness of positive life and values local expressions of emotion through whichever artistic mediums are employed.


A ‘Code’ for Life

“We aim to be a conscious voice within modern media, disseminating symbols of global hope and integrity amongst the populace.”

Our mission is to share concepts of sustainability and provide society with options to leave their own positive legacy on Earth.

Our vision of a sustainable future relies on global education.

With good will and ethical intent, our goals are to illustrate principles and philosophies of intentionally sustainable ways to manage life’s impact. The discussion and understanding of different ways of living enable the EARTH to create a new CODE for life.

This code will make awareness attainable and encourage holistic ways of managing and expanding positive impact lifestyles. These are approaches that can be applied to all aspects of life, interlaced in a harmoniously global way.

Designed by the inhabitants of big or small communities, with respect given to natural and developed resources, new concepts in sustainability can be easily implemented locally, and then globally.

We believe that all aspects of the human condition and present reliance will eventually be involved in this process of change. Be it economically, ecologically, culturally or spiritually embodied, this change will have an inevitable knock-on effect, ultimately affecting everyone.

As soon as this vision becomes the fact, to live amongst conscious people would be the mainstream choice for our future generations to prosper within.

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