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To all my London friends… I will be hosting a photo exhibition about the Barco Iris Expedition, the boat trip I made with some beloved friends. Together we navigated about 4500 km across the Amazon river basin as a mobile theatre troupe, promoting sustainable living practices and ecological awareness!
I will be very happy to share this experience with you all.
Photo Exhibition:

“Rainboat” Expedition – 333 Sustainable Sailing Days through the Amazon

A unique opportunity to see an epic journey through the clicks of Henny Freitas, a Brazilian activist that has documented the birth of a handmade tri-maran boat built of recycled materials and powered by a diesel motor modified to run on recycled kitchen oil.

Barco Iris, or the “Rainboat”, was used as a home, a means of transportation, and a theatre stage. It was also a floating school that shared sustainable aspects of life amongst indigenous peoples in four different countries throughout the largest river system in the world: the Amazon!

Henny Freitas will be present on site to discuss the process to making a sustainable dream come true.

Donations towards the cause much appreciated.



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